Our expertise

LILLEVIK KROGSTAD assists companies of all sizes within a wide range of business sectors. We work closely with our clients and often function as an ongoing strategic advisory partner. Our lawyers have substantial experience within business law, and we take a commercial and solution oriented approach in our advice to secure our clients’ interests.

LILLEVIK KROGSTAD assists large and small companies in cross-border trade. Our lawyers have significant international expertise in a variety of industries, both as in-house and external counsel, in global contracts and transactions.

Our experience and knowledge of different negotiation strategies and cultures can also be decisive in realising your company’s potential in an international market.

Assistance prior to the conclusion of a contract can be crucial to establishing and maintaining a good working relationship, as well as preventing unnecessary challenges and future disputes.

LILLEVIK KROGSTAD has extensive experience in the interpretation, drafting and negotiation of complex contracts, both nationally and internationally within various industries. We assist at every stage of the contracting process, from conclusion to termination.

We place great emphasis on knowledge of the client’s business, and have a commercial approach in our advice, with a focus on value creation.

The public regulatory framework for fisheries is extensive and detailed.

LILLEVIK KROGSTAD provides advice in connection with licenses and participation rights, contact with authorities, infringements and sanctions, sale and purchase of vessels, as well as changes in ownership and operating principles.

In addition, we provide assistance in related legal areas such as general commercial contracts, procurement and supply of services, works stoppages for conversion or maintenance, maritime issues, insurance matters in case of damage to vessels, accidents, or liability towards third parties, as well as personnel matters and labour law challenges in the shipping company.

Risk management and predictability are key words in any company to secure long-term investments and maintain a good financial operation.

LILLEVIK KROGSTAD has broad expertise and long experience in marine insurance and offers advice in the spectrum of marine insurance such as P&I, H&M, Loss of Hire, FD&D, both standard insurances and supplementary coverage.

We assist shipping companies, management companies, charterers, traders and cargo owners, insurers and brokers, from the formation and execution of insurance contracts, terms and conditions, interpretation and scope of cover, to claims handling and assistance in the event of a dispute.

LILLEVIK KROGSTAD has extensive experience in conflict and dispute resolution, both within and outside the court system.

Obtaining the right advice at the right time can be decisive for the final outcome of a dispute. We strive to resolve conflicts amicably as early as possible to secure the client’s best interests and objectives, cost-effectively, and to safeguard the client’s reputation and business relationships.

Our lawyers assist in negotiations and dispute resolution at any stage of a dispute and frequently litigate matters before the courts.

LILLEVIK KROGSTAD has broad expertise from the maritime industry and extensive experience with international clients and counterparties.

Our comprehensive industry expertise and long experience from different areas of the maritime industry gives us the necessary insight and understanding of the issues our clients face in their day-to-day business. Our lawyers have backgrounds from other law firms, shipping companies, marine insurance companies, shipbrokerages and offshore service providers.

We advise shipping companies, management companies, charterers, insurance companies, traders, brokers and agents, suppliers of products and services, as well as other companies operating in the maritime sector.

LILLEVIK KROGSTAD has extensive experience from the media and entertainment industry, both internally and externally, as an advisor to TV and streaming providers, sports and film rights holders, producers, management companies, athletes and entertainment personalities.

Our team has, among other things, assisted clients in connection with a number of international agreements with film studios and production companies, as well as agreements involving the largest sports rights in the world.

Whether you are a supplier or a purchaser of technological services and solutions, it is important to safeguard your company’s interests in a complex landscape of rights and obligations.

LILLEVIK KROGSTAD has extensive experience in technology, software and digitalization, both as in-house and external advisors, in various industries. Our experience covers software and hardware solutions, AI, various service models, development projects, SaaS, PaaS, cloud computing, as well as securing, managing and licensing intellectual property rights.

We assist our clients in the negotiation, drafting and interpretation of complex contracts, focusing on both the client’s and the supplier’s interests to ensure the success of the project.

LILLEVIK KROGSTAD assists employers and employees with advice and dispute resolution within all areas of employment law.

Through close cooperation we provide advice, tailored to the client’s needs, in connection with the establishment, change and termination of employment relationships, dismissals and redundancies, whistle-blowing, investigations and inquiries.

LILLEVIK KROGSTAD has extensive experience in advising both private individuals and businesses in the purchase and sale of private and commercial property, construction, renovation, rehabilitation.

We provide advice throughout the contractual life-cycle, from the negotiation and signing of a contract, to final payment and settlement. We also assist in respect of deviations, claims and dispute resolution.

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